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Welcome to El Rey, home of happy and healthy Havanese.  From our home to yours, Havanese are our passion and our love.  Please take some time to meet our furry family members.
Health Testing

As breeders who are dedicated to preserving the Havanese as the wonderful, beloved companions they truly are, our focus must also include health testing.  All reputable breeders will health test the parents of their puppies, it's simply not an option, it is the very foundation of healthy puppies.  You don't know if the parents have any hidden health issues unless you do the testing to find out. This includes more than a simple vet checkup, it includes taking the dogs to see veterinary specialist for individual testing to assure they are healthy.

Below is a list of health testing we do on our dogs:

Eyes - checked by a veterinary opthamologist to assure their eyes are free from cataracts.

Hearing -  BAER testing to assure the parents and puppies can hear properly.

Patella - proper formation of the kneecap.  Luxating patella's can be an issue in any dog, but especially toy breeds.

Cardiac - to assure their are no hidden heart problems.

Hips - to assure proper hip formation of the parents.

Elbows - to assure proper elbow formation of the parents.

Blood panels - to assure proper liver and kidney function of the parents.

Genetic Diversity - performed via UCDavis to assure the parents and the prospective breeding maintain genetic diversity to help assure longevity and health among the offspring.    While most genetic testing to date cannot detect disease, scientific studies have shown that maintaining overall genetic diversity also increases the chance of overall health among species.

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