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Welcome to El Rey, home of happy and healthy Havanese.  From our home to yours, Havanese are our passion and our love.  Please take some time to meet our furry family members.
Our Boys


Puzzle was imported by my friend Lisa of Selah Havanese and myself from Nancy Fassott in Germany.  His is a sweet and adorable little boy and we are excited about the diversity he will bring into our breeding program.  Puzzle easily finished his championship.  He is now in a puppy cut and enjoying being a beloved pet.  We are hopeful someday he will give us some beautiful puppies.

Puzzle has passed all his health testing  
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Zuri was our first import.  Lisa of Selah Havanese and I ventured into our very first import in order to bring greater genetic diversity into our breeding programs.  We fell in love with Zuri and have never regretted the efforts to bring him to the US.  He is a super sweet boy and has given us many lovely and healthy puppies.  Zuri is over half way to his AKC championship and is major pointed, however, he got the dog flu while at show and from then on he has disliked the show ring, so we allowed him to retire from the show ring and simply live his life in luxury as a beloved pet.

We LOVE Zuri puppies!  Fayanna and Nabila are both Zuri babies, and we simply couldn't love them more.  Zuri has been a wonderful contribution to the breed.

Zuri has passed all  of his health testing.
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Davino was imported by Lisa of Selah Havanese.  He is a lovely boy of perfect structure, great in agility, and is about the happiest boy on the planet.  Davino is owned by Lisa, however, we have included him here as he is the sire to some of our past and future puppies.  He is a wonderful boy and we absolutely adore him.  Davino is over half way to his AKC championship and is major pointed, however, as life would have it, Lisa simply was not able to get  him out to shows to finish and eventually put him in a puppy cut so he could just enjoy being a happy little dog.  To us he has the heart of a champion and has produced several champion puppies already in his limited breeding.  

Davino has passed all his health testing.  
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Mateo is the son of our Ruger and grandson of Harley.  He was bred by Lisa and is owned and loved by all of us.  Mateo is a sweet and handsome little man, very affectionate and loving.  He is regal, elegant and obedient.  Mateo is an all around great guy and so easy to live with.  Not only is he beautiful, he is fun loving and makes beautiful babies.    

Mateo finished his championship easily and now resides with us as our beloved companion.    He was bred to Lisa's Mercy and gave us three beautiful puppies, River (owned and loved by Lisa and her family), Farmington and Hopi. We have high hopes for these three.  He was also bred to Lisa's Denali and Lisa is growing up little Nahanni as a show hopeful.

Mateo has passed his health testing.  
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Twinke's Destined for SER Trust & Honor ~ Timmy!

Timmy is our newest El Rey addition. We are very thankful to Rose Kimber of Twinkle Havanese for the opportunity to add Timmy to our home and breeding program.  We carefully chose him for his genetic diversity when compared to our upcoming females in additioin to his predgree of health and wonderful temperaments.  

Timmy is co-owned by my good friend Lisa and myself.  His name is carefully considered, being that our primary goal in breeding is always to obey God and honor him through our dogs. We wanted Timmy's name to reflect just how much we want our breeding programs to reflect our love and desire to reflect God's love through our dogs.  Timmy is named after Timothy, who's primary life's message was to trust and honor God in all you do.  Timmy is 'destined' for Selah and El Rey!

Timmy will complete his health testing when old enough.

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Havanese are a wonderful little dog of great charm.They bring joy to our darkest days, laughs when we are sad and comfort when we are sick.  We simply can't imagine a day without a Havanese.
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