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Welcome to El Rey, home of happy and healthy Havanese.  From our home to yours, Havanese are our passion and our love.  Please take some time to meet our furry family members.
Our Girls


9.5 inches, 10 pounds
Does not carry curly, satin or dilute

Fayanna is a very sweet and happy little girl. She has the most gentle and affectionate personality.  She loves everyone and is very special in the manner in which she is able to welcome everyone and even non-dog lovers adore her. She is very attentive to the needs of her humans and knows just what each person needs. She makes a wonderful therapy dog for the residents at the adult living center. 

She is a very beautiful dog and we gave it a really good try in the show ring. She did well and is over half way to her championship, however, she just wasn't 'having fun', she wanted to be home with her mama and being her mommies best friend rather than trotting around the show ring. So, we decided it was best for Fayanna to come home and enjoy life with her family and leave the show ring behind.  We know she is a champion at heart, giving 100% into everything she does and making certain to welcome every guest and provide love and comfort to all in need. Fayanna is indeed a very special girl. We adore her and are thankful to have her as part of our family.  Fayanna is Maishelle's special girl.  Fayanna is a Lyric x Zuri daughter.

Fayanna has passed all of her health testing, including cardiac, patella, hip, hearing, eyes, liver and kidney function.  
OFA page.


9 inches, 8 pounds
Black Irish Pied
Does not carry curly, satin or dilute

Nabila is a sweet and sassy little girl, taking much after her mama Pearl.  She is a Pearl x Zuri daughter and is everything we were wanting in a Pearl baby.  She is just as sweet and silly as her mama and is a complete joy to have around.  Nabila loves everyone and everything.  Life in her eyes is always happy and there is always something to be excited about.  Nabila lives on the edge, making life a game and lots of fun. She never knows an off day or a stranger.  We love how she is a little cookie cutter of her mama Pearl!  Everyone she meets instantly adores her.

Nabila started her show career with a bang, going Winners, Best of Winner and Best of Opposite Sex in Traverse City while being shown by Allison.  She is off to a great start!  Nabila finished off her show career with another bang, boing BOW two days in a row for two majors.  She loved showing but now enjoys the good life at home with all her favorite people.  We are looking forward to Nabila babies in the future and the next generation of Pearl's line.

Nabila is working on completing all her health testing, including hearing, eyes, patella, cardiac, hips, liver and kidney function.  
OFA page.


10 inches, 11 pounds
Cream with gold
Does not carry curly, satin or dilute

Brayleigh is the litter sister to Puzzle.  We imported the two of them together. Brayleigh is a very low key and easy going girl. She has no intention of being a show girl, she only wants to warm a lap. She has a very sweet nature and loves to follow everyone around the house and be a constant companion.  She may be at the bottom of the pack, but she likes it that way, she has no intention of being anywhere else.  No stress for this little girl, she's just a lover.  

Brayleigh is very attentive and has been known wake Maishelle up at night when her breathing becomes too low.   She would make an excellent service dog but for now she is enjoying being a great therapy dog at the adult living center.  Her sensitive and tender ways make her very attentive to others.

Brayleigh has passed her health testing including hearing, cardiac, eyes, patella, hips, elbows, liver and kidney function.   OFA page.


8.75 inches, 7.5 pounds
Does not carry curly or dilute
(satin test pending)

Hopi is our sweet and just too adorable little girl. She is the daughter of Mateo and Lisa's Mercy, which was Mateo's first litter.  She is a perfect little package of beauty, brains, sugar and spice.  She has a lovely personality, all full of fun and happiness. She is a happy girl who enjoys just about everything.  She did not mature big enough to be competetive in the show ring, but she has a personality extrodinair and has all the wonderful breed traits we are looking for and feel she is on her way to maturing to be everything we think a Havanese should be.

Hopi comes from a breeding that included health testing, DNA diversity testing and allowed for a wonderful line breeding to maintain genetic diversity and we are thrilled to add her to our breeding program.  We are expecting to see all the best traits in her as she matures.

Hopi is working on her health testeding. She has passed her hearing, eyes, patella, cardiac, hips as well as blood panels checking liver and kidney function.  OFA page

CH El Rey SElah Morrocco's 'T' in the Riff  ~  Taza
9 inches, 9 pounds
red brindle with white markings
does not carry curly, dilute or satin

Taza is the sweet and beautiful daughter of our Brayleigh and Zuri.  She is everything we hoped for in the breeding, beauty, brains, health and temperament.  She is the total package!

Taza is currently out showing with Ashleigh Rutzel and is doing great for a small pup and new to the show ring. She already has earned her first major win!

Taza is a fun and sweet little girl who finished her championship quickly and had a great time doing it. We are very happy to have her home now and are growing her up and looking foward to her joining our breeding program once she is old enough.

Taza will be health tested once she is old enough.  For now, she's enjoying hanging out and having fun.
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Havanese are a wonderful little dog of great charm.They bring joy to our darkest days, laughs when we are sad and comfort when we are sick.  We simply can't imagine a day without a Havanese.
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