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Welcome to El Rey, home of happy and healthy Havanese.  From our home to yours, Havanese are our passion and our love.  Please take some time to meet our furry family members.
Puppy Nursery
Welcome to the puppy Nursery!

We are very excited to announce we are expecting puppies in July!  Our very sweet Fayanna is expecting Davino puppies!  This is a repeat breeding from last year and the  puppies were simply fabulous so we decided to repeat the breeding.  We are expecting all puppies to be black/tan or black/silver just like mama and daddy with various amounts of white markings, though we may get a little cream baby as well if genetics align just right..... can't wait to see our adorable little ones!!  The picture above is of their four little beauties from May 2018.

We are currently taking applications for these puppies.

Fayanna/Davino puppies will be ready to go to their forever homes in September.

Please fill out our puppy application if you are interested in an El Rey puppy.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

All puppies must be picked up in person. We do not ship puppies.

Parents have passed health testing:  hips, patella, cardiac, eyes, hearing, liver and kidney function.

Please contact us:

Maishelle King

We want to hear from you!
The light of our lives!
Havanese are a wonderful little dog of great charm.They bring joy to our darkest days, laughs when we are sad and comfort when we are sick.  We simply can't imagine a day without a Havanese.
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